For the last several years, we’ve been doing our best to cultivate our passion for the outdoors while also advancing in our careers (read: Monday through Friday grind in Seattle and then the bay area). This has meant that our adventures are often limited to weekend trips – typically in the Cascades, Tahoe, or Yosemite. We’ve been hoping to take break from this routine for quite some time, and finally, the stars aligned and the timing felt right (okay, mostly right). We finally decided to leave the weekend warrior lifestyle in pursuit of travel and adventure. The purpose of this blog is threefold: to document our endeavors, to share our stories with friends and family, and to connect with others who are exploring similar corners of our amazing planet.

  If you have any questions about our travels, please let us know! You can comment on the blog or shoot us a message @theadventuregoeson on Instagram. We’d love to share any insights we may have. We wish you all safe travels and happy trails!

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