An End and a Beginning

It’s finally here. A few more days of work, a lot of packing and planning yet to go, but it’s so close we can taste it! As we move into the final phase of preparation to leave our jobs and travel, we’ve been reflecting on what we will miss most about our bay area life, as well as what we are looking forward to about travel and the anticipated challenges.

What we will miss the most about California? Number one is definitely the wonderful friends we have made here. Some have become more like family.

High on the list also is having close (relatively speaking) access to Yosemite, easily one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We feel so fortunate to have spent so much time there!


Could stare at Half Dome for hours!


We’ll miss these views


Valley floor in Winter

Of course, we will miss Tahoe, San Francisco, and Oakland as well, but those are places we will return to frequently with easy flights from Seattle and many friends we’ll stay connected with.

We have been consistently motivated to squeeze every last drop out of our time in California because we knew that we would move away. What a gift this knowledge has been! It helped us to pursue many incredible experiences. Climbing in Yosemite, Tuolumne, and Lover’s Leap…

Descent from Cathedral Peak, Eichorn Pinnacle in the background

Sara at the 2nd belay station after Connor led the sketchy “psychologically thrilling” traverse pitch on East Wall.

Connor scoping the lake below from the summit of Tenaya Peak

Skiing Tahoe… (Or sitting around in the sun in Tahoe, which is what we actually end up doing most of the time…Shhhh).

Summit of Tallac

Summit and snowboard descent of Mount Shasta…

Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a day of mountaineering

Kayak camping at Tomales Bay…


Hiking around Tomales Bay


Is there anything better than a bonfire on the beach?

Backpacking in the high Sierra…

Cottonwood Lakes on the way to summit Mount Langley

Beautiful, boozy days in Napa…

and many, many fun night nights out in the city.

Im also fairly certain that we will – at times – miss the creature comforts of our current lifestyle. That reassuring knowledge that we can meet most of our basic needs at almost any time. Cooking in our own kitchen. Having a comfortable bed to come home to. The list goes on. At the same time, the allure of adventure on the road ahead makes it easy to leave these comforts behind.


Sometimes adventures do not go as planned…

Many challenges lie ahead that we cannot anticipate, and hopefully overcoming these challenges will allow us to grow. After all, a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for… right?

Wildlife can throw a wrench in your plans… Or enhance the view. 

Sometimes we forget to research the descent route…

And sometimes we start on the wrong route altogether… In this photo, Connor takes in the very welcoming sight of the sunrise after spending an unexpected night on the summit of Mt. Conness at 12,590 ft… Oops. 

For now, we will spent our remaining days in the bay packing up, confirming visas, getting rid of most of our belongings, panicking about the current political climate, and saying goodbye to dear friends. Then we’ll spend about two weeks in Tahoe before driving back to Seattle to say goodbye to our Northwest family and friends. At the end of February, we’ll be off to Indonesia! Excitement and gratitude are at an all time high. 

10 thoughts on “An End and a Beginning

  1. This is fantastic you two! Definitely do it now before life gets in the way and a little more complicated. Happy Trails!!

  2. Sue has it understated.You two are AWESOME!!!!! We will be looking forward to following your adventure. Sorry we didn’t get to send you off at the airport but you left 5 hrs before we got there. I’m sure every one you know is envious, we certainly are Have fun

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